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Terminal Centers

Packaged Pumping Stations are used in the areas away from the Treatment Plant where there is no sewage system to transfer the domestic and industrial wastewaters from the settlements or enterprises to the Wastewater Treatment Plants. Packaged Pumping stations operating without any problem due to their design without any need for screen provide an aesthetic and hygienic solution and the odor and image problems that will disturb the people around are eliminated by them.

Packaged Pumping Stations can be used to discharge the storm and flood waters accumulated in some areas in a short time. Thus, loss of life and property is prevented and also all potential material and moral damages are prevented.

Pumping stations are used in various applications such as transfer of wastewater to a treatment plant if there is an elevation difference, supply of water to a channel or performing drainage in an area located at a lower elevation.

All components in the packaged Pumping Stations are dispatched to the customer as mounted.  They are easily put into operation on site by performing their electrical connections quickly.